2017/2018 Registration

Registration for the 2017/2018 school year began in January.  For more information, or to register, see the Registration Page






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Contact Us

We are happy to answer any questions that you may have! Please contact the school via email at info@ryrns.ca. For school tours (including Enrichment Program Tours), please email schooltours@ryrns.ca.

 This month is the start of our Enrichment Programs! If you have not already signed up for one, two or three of these please consider it. Our offerings are:

Little Chef’s Club on Mondays – 1:30-4pm

We stir the pot with real homemade cooking alternating our recipes from sweet to savoury each week. Most items are cooked, baked from scratch. We learn cleanliness and safety in the kitchen. We explore tool names and uses and practice accurate measuring. In most cases our recipes do not fail and the children really enjoy the whole process of getting food to the table.  Stories and circle time revolve around food nutrition, where food comes from, food fun stories and games. Favourite activities include egg cracking, sifting, and well, eating of course. We try to have leftovers to share at home…we really, really try, but sometimes crumbs are all that are left.

Little Scientists Club on Tuesdays – 1:00-3:30

No fun here! This is serious stuff! Using all our senses while we create and invent mixtures and solutions, chemical reactions, get to the bottom of things while we observe, question, hypothesize and make conclusions. We explore magnets, forces, the water cycle, states of matter, construction, plant and much, much more. We become familiar with scientific terminology and concepts and have a blast. This program is designed to get children questioning about the world around them, to indulge their curiosity and think outside the box.  Come discover with us!

Little Alphabets Club on Thursdays – 1:00 – 3:30

A little of this and a little of that, that’s what words are made of! Come and play some alphabet games with us as we spend some time getting to know what they are, how they sound and how they get together. Explore the up and down and curvy attributes of letters. Children work on fine motor skills to improve hand strength to aid in holding and using writing implements, being successful  and gaining confidence in writing. Letter recognition, sounds, phonics come together through games, crafts, storytelling, practice and writing.  Come join us for some alphabet fun as we talk, rhyme, sing and dance our way through the alphabet!

Find out more

Please email enrichment@ryrns,ca or call us to inquire about availability!

Royal York Road Nursery School
851 Royal York Rd. Etobicoke, Ontario M8Y 2V3 416-239-1555 info@ryrns.ca