Easter Egg Hunt

April 3, 2014 at 4:34 pm

eastereggsBelow are details of the upcoming Easter Egg hunt. 

Date: Wednesday, April 16th
Place: Lora Hill Park (school if the weather is inclement)

The children will walk to Lora Hill park to participate in an Easter egg hunt. Children will need to bring a ‘basket’ (or similar) to collect and carry their eggs in.

All families are asked to bring a dozen plastic eggs filled with a nut-free and/or inedible treat (stickers, eraser etc.) to the school by Tuesday, April 15th – there will be a drop off point arranged so that the children don’t see the eggs being dropped off – we’ll clarify closer to the date

In order to make this event happen we need parent volunteers for the following:

– 7 to 8 parent volunteers per class to accompany the children to the park

– 2 volunteers to hide the eggs and ‘guard’ the eggs until the children arrive

– 1 volunteer to take pictures of the event 

– the two snack families Kuon/Daw to touch base and coordinate snack for the 30 children as the Beavers and Chipmunks will have shared snack in the park this day and to arrange to bring the snack to the park

Sign up sheets will be posted in this week – please remember to sign up when they are posted.

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