About Us

For many of our children, the experience at Royal York Road Nursery School will be the first major step away from the family circle. We want this new frontier to be a happy place and one to which they are eager to return each day.

Our programs focus on introducing preschoolers to the school environment. We aim to provide a healthy and physically secure environment for each child and to create a relationship of trust between children and their teachers. We wish our children to learn through play, fully utilizing the school’s equipment, materials, and activities.

We strive to ensure opportunities for growth socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually by nurturing feelings of self-esteem and independence through appropriate and challenging experiences. With these as our main goals, we are able to fashion a strong foundation for our children, upon which they can build positive future educational and life experiences.

Royal York Road Nursery School was founded in 1966 by a group of parents in the Sunnylea neighbourhood. The Church facilities, where the school is still located, were provided as part of the Church’s community outreach and social action program. In 1971 the school was incorporated as an independent day nursery, giving it both legal and insurance benefits. At that time the Nursery School was licensed under the Day Nurseries Act of Ontario.

We operate as a co-operative program under the professional direction of our ECE Teachers and Assistants. We, the parents, assist the ECE trained teachers with the organization and daily running of the school. We are an active participant in our child’s early education. We learn with and through our children in a stimulating and delightful way.

Royal York Road Nursery School
851 Royal York Rd. Etobicoke, Ontario M8Y 2V3 416-239-1555 info@ryrns.ca

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