While not affiliated with the Church, RYRNS is located on the premise of the United Church at 851 Royal York Road (south of Bloor). The school occupies the lower level of the church facilities which include 2 dedicated classrooms (designated as the Craft and Gross Motor rooms respectfully), vestibule (each child is assigned a hook), and washrooms. We also have access to the gym, and to the auditorium for concerts and special activities. In the Craft Room, children engage in painting, gluing, finger painting, cut-and-pasting, and other crafts as well as listen to music and participate in circle time to sing and listen to stories. There are home centers and dress up zones for make believe and much more. In the Gross Motor Room, the children can play with puzzles, Lego, a puppet theatre, cars & trains, blocks, jump on the trampoline and more. This room is also dedicated for snack time and other group activities.

We reserve large physical activities and toys such as bikes, wagons, hoops, ball playing, obstacle courses and other organized games for Gym day.

Finally, weather permitting, we also organize outdoor walks fully supervised by both teachers and duty parents.

Royal York Road Nursery School
851 Royal York Rd. Etobicoke, Ontario M8Y 2V3 416-239-1555 info@ryrns.ca

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