Nursery School Program Registration Instructions

To successfully complete the registration package, please follow the instructions:

  1. It is mandatory that you complete each of the following four forms:
    RYRNS General Forms main registration package, 20 pages
    Child Medical form 2 pages
    Parent Medical / TB test form 1 page
    Police Check form 1 page
    NOTE: – Non duty parents are not required to submit TB test or Police Checks. – All parents involved with duty responsibilities must submit TB tests and Police Checks and payment for each (Mother’s, Father’s, Grandparents and Nanny’s)
  2. Please read each form carefully, ensuring that you include all signatures where indicated. Packages are incomplete if they do not have all the required signatures.
  3. Submit all the completed paper work in a large envelope, indicating on the front the first and last name of parents and child, child’s date of birth, and whether you are a duty or non-duty family. Please do not fold the forms.
  4. Form specific instructions:
    RYRNS General Forms—please staple (to keep them together)
    Child Medical Form—please keep separate
    Parent Medical / TB testit is not necessary to submit the results of a TB test with registration packages. This will allow parents to avoid the expense and hassle of obtaining a TB test until after they have secured a provisional spot at the school. TB tests will still be required if your child secures a provisional spot and due no later than June 2010 at the annual Turnover Meeting. (You do not need to get a TB test if you are pregnant or nursing. Allow your physician at least 72 hours to produce results.)
    Police Check form—please submit the completed form with your registration package along with a cheque for $15.90 payable to RYRNS. We will mail it to Police Services on your behalf. The form will be returned directly to you. Please bring your results form to the June turnover meeting for verification by RYRNS.  We will again return the form to you after results have been recorded in school files. Please note the Police Reference Check Form is in Legal format. If you cannot print legal size, the forms will be available from the school upon request.
  5. For your information, review these documents:
    RYRNS Check list 2 pages
    Q&A 5 pages
  6. Cheques should be payable to “RYRNS” (include child’s name on cheque).

To ensure your position within the school, please submit your completed registration package to the school  registrar as soon as possible.

Royal York Road Nursery School
851 Royal York Rd. Etobicoke, Ontario M8Y 2V3 416-239-1555

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