Maria Atter (Ms. Maria): Registered Early Childhood Educator & Center Supervisor

Miss Maria was a parent at RYRNS for 5 years with her children, before becoming one of the teaching staff.  During the 2017-2018 school year, Miss Maria will be the head teacher for the Chipmunk class (3+ nursery program) and she will also assist Miss Angela with the Squirrels class (2+ nursery Program) and the enrichment programs.

“This school has been a home to me and has brought much joy for myself and my children. It is the spirit of the co-op that brought me here, and every year children, parents and staff work and play together to bring out the best in each of us. This is an important stepping stone in your child’s life, and you have an opportunity to share in these special moments. We all know time travels quickly, this is a reminder to savor the joys of each day no matter how small.”

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MissAmy_2 Amy Rejante (Ms. Amy): Registered Early Childhood Educator

Don’t let the ‘Miss’ title fool you… Miss Amy is the biggest kid at the nursery school! Since 2003 Amy has played the role of RYRNS parent and board member, before joining the teaching team in 2008. She is a graduate of George Brown College/Ryerson University collaborative Early Childhood Education (ECE) program. During the 2017-2018 school year, Miss Amy will be the head teacher for the Beaver class (3 + nursery program) and the Hedgehog class (2+ nursery program).

Amy’s teaching motto is “Everything is developing. Learning is a dynamic process in which the teacher and child(ren) develop and explore knowledge together. I believe in the development of the ‘whole self’ that corresponds to the trend of times and need of each child.  RYRNS is a an extension of your child’s family life.”

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Angela Lee (Ms. Angela): Registered Early Childhood Educator

Miss Angela is a graduate of George Brown College, Early Childhood Education program. She has worked in a few different daycare centers and as a volunteer in public schools, helping children to learn and develop social skills. Miss Angela has recently joined RYRNS as the leading teacher for the Squirrel class (2+ nursery program) and the head of the enrichment programs for the 2017-2018 school year.

“I like working with young children because I believe that being a part of their critical early development and helping them to grow is rewarding. Also, I like that children often help me see the world from different points of view.  I will strive to be a teacher who can always interact at the children’s level thereby helping them to explore new things so we can grow together.”

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Three teaching staff are present in each room daily along with an assisting duty parent each day.

Royal York Road Nursery School
851 Royal York Rd. Etobicoke, Ontario M8Y 2V3 416-239-1555 info@ryrns.ca

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